Virtual Star Studios Production Wins Prestigeous Award

A Virtual Production live event that Virtual Star Studios produced together with The Carrot Collective has been awarded for 'Most Creative Virtual Event 2021'. The award for was for a mixed reality immersive broadcast that took a yearly physical event online and left 6,000 attendees with a clear ‘festival feel’. But that's not the best part!

A virtual production produced for Roche gains a prestigious award.

Virtual Star Studios had the honor of producing a grand virtual event for the client Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific together with The Carrot Collective, winning a grand marketing award for “Most Creative Virtual Event.” The prize is handed by leading marketing organisation Marketing-Interactive‘s annual event Markies Awards in Asia-Pacific.

The awarded virtual summit for Roche Diagnostics brought together key opinion leaders from around the world to discuss healthcare transformation. Through an immersive cutting-edge platform, attendees could engage in new connections and access exclusive content, with a one-of-a-kind virtual 3D scenography set in outer space. A new and exciting format for corporate events.

The event is a yearly physical event, but this time a bespoke interactive digital experience, with an engaging platform, mixed reality effects and immersive 3D environments, built in Unreal Engine. This virtual event has explored new possibilities in storytelling, leaving the attendees with a ‘festival feel’.

A still image from the live Virtual Event with effects visible.
How it looks with all effects turned off.

About The Carrot Collective: The reason we love working with Them is their truly inspiring cause, which thanks to the award now also is brought into light:

“We believe that if we can help make virtual experiences better, more people will be more willing to accept this ‘new’ format as a viable alternative (and not a compromise) to physical events, helping make the world a better place.

1. Virtual events are more sustainable – with a carbon footprint that can be over 90% lower than their physical equivalent.

2. Virtual events are more inclusive – accessible by anyone, anywhere, anytime, irrespective of physical, mental or economic conditions. 

3. Virtual events can help save billions of dollars in unnecessary travel – allowing for greater investments in R&D, employee welfare, sustainability initiatives, as well as shareholder returns. For context, USD1.33 trillion was spent on business travel alone in 2017.” -The Carrot Collective.

See a preview of the awarded production on our LinkedIn Here!