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We have developed a virtual production solution that are revolutionizing how productions are shot

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We have developed a virtual production solution that are revolutionizing how productions are shot.

With the help of our virtual production and visualization system you can get the most out of your green screen shoots


Virtual Events

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Product demo

A virtual event together with us is limitless. We can fulfill your wildest dreams.

Bring in guests from all over the world

Paradox Interactive

A interactive virtual production for Paradox yearly PDXCON

Virtual TV Show | Postkodlotteriet 2021

A fully virtual TV production made for prime time Swedish TV

Virtual Conference | Roche 2020

A showcase of our work for this virtual event

Playing guitar in Virtual Production

We don’t know what could be cooler than playing guitar in front of a giant wall of amplifiers

Experiment | Playing virtual basket

A small experiment of the immersiveness


A review of the tracking system

We made a Space Commercial

A fun experiment to make a Space Commercial like an 80’s car commercial

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What is Virtual Production?

Virtual production is a term that’s been around for awhile but mainly gained popularity in the recent years with the help of the game engine from the company Epic Games who are making the smash hit Fortnite. 

This engine is very powerful and can manage to render high quality 3D graphics in real time. This is of course something thats perfect for on-set visualizing and real time composting.

If you combine this with a on-camera tracking solution like the one we’ve built for ourselves you have a powerful tool for any production or director to bring their vision live on set in real time instead of needing to wait until post-production to know if you framed or lit the scenes correctly.


With ground breaking photo-realistic 3D graphics generated by Unreal Engine we can composite the live video feed from our green screen directly into the 3D world. Which creates an super immersive effect for the audience.

Unreal Engine has been at the forefront of virtual production since the first workflows began to emerge; today, virtual production can influence every aspect of the production pipeline.


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