Virtual Production

Our groundbreaking Virtual Production solution is revolutionizing how productions are shot.

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Our unique studio

can capture 3D movements and perspective in a way that traditional green screen can only dream of.

Our groundbreaking technology

let you create innovative & premium video content & virtual events
that make an impact.

This is what we call

Virtual Production

Sounds complicated? It's really not.

Our highly skilled and very friendly team
help you all the way from idea to complete production.

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Virtual Production advantages

Bring your vision live on set in real-time

Pre-record or live-stream

Your own custom photo-realistic 3D environment

Bring in guests in video-calls

Display video and graphics on Virtual Screens

Full compatibility with camera and crane movements

Special effects

What's possible with
Virtual Production?

Anythings possible. Contact us to discuss your virtual event.

Our experienced staff
help you all the way

For me personally, it’s very important to capture the spirit of the Brand

Emma Nors

Producer, Virtual Star Studios

Full service

Virtual Star Studios produces shoots, complete with crews, editorial, audio and image finishing all the way through delivery.

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