Successful Virtual Event with Oriflame in Virtual Production; “A Game Changer”.

Recently Oriflame Cosmetics launched an event in Virtual Production in front of tens of thousands of live viewers. John Bermudez was impressed with the result and is keen to be back.

“It’s a Game Changer to be honest.”

John Bermudez, Oriflame Cosmetics

For the launch event of “Race to 55”, a major effort to engage brand partners through a new app, the global cosmetics enterprise sought something new and innovative. The “Global Senior Manager Sales Support Communication”, shares his experience of the Virtual event:

See the video with clips from the event and an Interview with John Bermudez or read the transcript below.

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We found Virtual Star Studios Instagram profile, it was really good you know, modern, new technology. So it’s pretty appealing for us. Traditional Green Screen looks cheap sometimes, and too much fake in our concept.

But when you have these 3D environments you will see the advantages of that; the freedom of the movement, the camera having a lot of angels. You can feel that you are somehow in the place itself, inside these 3D environments.

-It’s a game changer to be honest.

I think it’s completely different from the traditional Green Screen or traditional studios. You can make anything that you can imagine in this studio.

The main advantages for us to try this was the innovation on the set up, we wanted to make something different because the program that we are launching is pretty important for us so that’s why we thought that it was important to bring something new on the launch event.

It was a really good collaboration between the team of Virtual Star Studios and the Oriflame team.

We are just waiting to have the opportunity and as soon as we have it, for sure, we are keen to be here again, so yeah, that is highly possible.” – John Bermudez, the “Global Senior Manager Sales Support Communication” at Oriflame Cosmetics.

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