Virtual Presentation


For the first time ever this groundbreaking Hollywood-technology is available for businesses to do virtual presentations, events and video content in three streamlined packages "Virtual Presentation".

Complete Production

No experience in film, cameras or productions needed. Just choose your virtual world, extra effects and the stage is yours.

Interactive effects

Utilizing the world renowned game engine Unreal Engine opens up new possibilities

Fast and Effective

Instantly see the results in real-time as we are filming, and get a modern & stunning production in just hours. Or broadcast live.

Presenting slides will never be the same

Forget about PowerPoint, bring your slides and diagrams to life

What you get and how it works

You get a stunning and highly engaging video production ready to let your brand shine through the media noise. Let us know your ideas, we prepare the virtual world and when you approve it you are welcome to the studio and get the finished result on the same day!

What's possible with
Virtual Production?

Anythings possible. Contact us to discuss your virtual event.

Virtual Production advantages

Bring your vision live on set in real-time

Pre-record or live-stream

Your own custom photo-realistic 3D environment

Bring in guests in video-calls

Display video and graphics on Virtual Screens

Full compatibility with camera and crane movements

Special effects