Rock music video in real-time 3D


The Swedish rock sensation H.E.A.T returned to Virtual Star Studios to film a music video for their latest single “Hollywood”. The band chose a retro TV studio as their virtual set since the song is about influence from commercial TV and media. American stand-up comedian David T. Weaver took the role as the virtual TV-show host. Through a number of humorous mischiefs, he illustrates how shallow and attention seeking parts of society and media can be. Initially the virtual studio blueprint was built in conjunction with the band and then it was filmed in one day in real-time Virtual Production. Unreal engine 4 was used for 3D, Aximmetry for live keying and anti-latency for tracking. Post-production was limited to color grading and credits.

See a behind the scenes clip below, illustrating real-time virtual production and then see the final video on youtube here: H.E.A.T – HOLLYWOOD OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO