PDXCON Remixed – A Game-Changing Live Digital Event in Virtual Production

PDXCON 2021, “Remixed” was a free interactive live virtual event, truly pushing boundaries for digital experiences with Virtual Production, 160 speakers, 120 activities, 3 days of non stop steaming. The live event was a collaboration between several event companies with gaming industry announcements and panel discussions taking place on May 21-23 2021. The most hyped segments, the “Award Show” and “Announcement show” was filmed here, at Virtual Star Studios.

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5 Good Reasons To Host Events in Virtual Production

The pandemic limits the ability to travel and gather large numbers of people such as audiences or even big production teams. But necessity is the mother of inventions and the national Swedish TV-Show Postkodlotteriet with around 700 000 viewers have taken the step into Virtual Production. Here is 5 reasons why:

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Premiere for Folly by Hugo Lilja

Last year we had the fantastic opportunity to be part of the Guldbagge-winner director Hugo Liljas next venture. We helped out on set with pre-visualisation since most of the film is taking place in a 3D-environment.

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Playing Guitar in Virtual Production

Playing guitar in Virtual Production

Dave and I from the hard rock band HEAT have always had a dream to play in front of a wall of Marshall amps. So that’s exactly what we took the opportunity to do in our virtual production studio

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